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“I could sing, and that was something the earlier girls couldn’t do,” Ms. McKenzie was quoted as saying in an interview with westernclippings.com. “I could do more than smile and wave at the cowboy.” We designed the questions to explore differences within the Democratic field, and to draw out the candidates on matters of both policy and personality. We skipped subjects on which Democrats seemed to hold uniform views — whether they believed wealthy people should pay more in taxes, for instance — and focused instead on issues where we could highlight less-obvious distinctions, such as whether they thought it was appropriate for billion-dollar fortunes to exist at all.

In a rare instance of accountability, a court in Belgium prosecuted eight princesses from the United Arab Emirates in 2017 on charges of human trafficking and degrading treatment of their mostly African domestic workers. The next month, in January, Prince Mohammed invited Mr. Dmitriev to an Emirati retreat in the Seychelles to meet with someone else they thought represented the Trump team: Mr. Prince, the Blackwater founder who had recruited mercenaries for the United Arab Emirates.

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“Sex, Lies and Videotape,” which celebrates the 30th anniversary of its release this month, is a four-person drama that divided Soderbergh’s psyche into quarters. He saw himself in the emotionally frigid Ann (Andie MacDowell), her philandering husband, John (Peter Gallagher) and his competitive mistress, Cyndi (Laura San Giacomo), who’s also Ann’s sister. Audiences, however, mostly assumed the shy-seeming Soderbergh was James Spader’s Graham, a soft-voiced drifter who wouldn’t get closer to a woman than a zoom lens. Soderbergh even dressed identically to Graham, who the script describes as looking “like some undertaker for the art world.” The agency, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, is proposing increases in tolls and fares and wants to introduce a new fee: per ride for airport trips in taxis and other for-hire vehicles.

Still, these groups face considerable hurdles, since Amazon is so big and power is largely consolidated by top bosses like Bezos. Significant, lasting changes will be hard to come by. Mr. Trump did not elaborate on what secret provisions he was referring to, and the White House did not respond to requests for clarification on Sunday. He may have been hinting at a “safe third country” treaty that the administration has long sought but failed to secure with Mexico.

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Log InBut as the rocket waited on the launchpad, the countdown was frozen twice due to a technical glitch and the launch delayed for over 45 minutes. As a result, the mission missed its planned launch window. The plan is to try again in 24 hours, with the new scheduled launch time set for 3:31 a.m. ET on Sunday.  Later in the day, I fell into conversation with a woman who was unusual for a Green Banker, in that she had owned a cellphone for years. Before she moved here, she told me, she’d been the workaholic assistant to a workaholic manager, and “I was 24/7 on call all the time.”