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300 Click for offerAt that point, the game kicks into action, and Alexa briefs you on what you can say to control the game. Alexa also warns you that you might find the puzzles difficult, and offers you a list of different scenarios to pick from. I picked the office and the car as they were the first two options on that list. Alexa then briefly describes the scene, tells you that you're trapped, and then prompts you to start taking action to escape. I have both committed assaults against others and have been assaulted. I have behaved outside of rules and within compliance. I have also been stationed at nine different facilities.

— Lou Craft It looks that way. If they don’t, they will not be abiding by W.G.A. Working Rule 23, which bars members from working with agents who have not agreed to the new code of conduct. A number of writers have already broken with their representatives.


TYPE ::MOUNTAIN BIKE'Hello, humans': Google's Duplex could make Assistant the most lifelike AI yet. Describing a 2017 consultation with Ms. Gbaya, Dr. Percec said: “I remember her specifically saying, ‘I don’t care if I lose pleasure. I just want to look normal.’”

BRAND ::SPORTS SCOTTYThe LimeBike Lime-E is also a pedal-assist electric bike, but with less assist. Definitely feels like you're burning more calories. It locks to itself. You won't find these in San Fran right now, though. I’m a high school senior who goes to a public school with about 4,000 students. In my district, “health class” starts in fifth grade and goes to tenth grade, but only three years (fifth, seventh, and ninth) include sex ed. Ninth grade had 45 days of health, half being basically: “drugs are bad.” We talked about consent and how relationships can be abusive. We talked about a couple types of birth control. We were told there were three types of sex (vaginal, oral, and anal). We talked about porn and how it was not a realistic view of sex (though we were never given any information on what sex should really look like). Most of that class was about STIs, however. I am not sure if it was intentional or not, but a lot of what we covered seemed to be: “look at these disgusting diseases you could get from sex, so stay away!!!” There are some topics I really wish I had been taught, though. I wish we had talked about L.G.B.T.Q. relationships. I wish we had covered the fluidity of sexuality and gender too. And most importantly I wish we had had this class more often, so that I could more easily feel comfortable talking about these topics.

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There are also many sites where you can order birth control and vitamins for delivery. Words to ponder as the attorney general, now in his second tour leading the Justice Department, expresses concern over the reach of government surveillance.

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This lunch bag with an insulated interior looks like something you might have waited in line for outside a Madison Avenue boutique. It'll definitely ensure that you and your lunch contents stay cool or piping hot. “Throughout my 20 years of training and playing professionally, there was a moment in every soccer game when I’d feel the energy shift toward me,” she explains. “Whether it was a morale boost, a momentum swing or a goal that we needed — it was my job to make it happen. When I felt that shift, I’d say silently to myself: Let’s go, Abby. It’s your time.”

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Also, "a new wave is coming" seems like a pretty obvious pun. And with that, my detective work for the day is done. Roger May is a photographer and writer based in Charleston, W.Va. He directs the crowdsourced Looking at Appalachia project. He is on Instagram and Twitter at @walkyourcamera. Follow @nytimesphoto on Twitter. You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram.

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A baby planet, or protoplanet, situated in the bottom left of the image, and the gaseous waterfall on its right. Sinn Fein lawmakers, who refuse to take their seats in the British Parliament, now worry that a no-deal Brexit would mean Northern Ireland’s decisions end up being made entirely in London in a return of the “direct rule” that the Good Friday agreement was intended to end. Britain’s top civil servant on Tuesday indicated that was a possibility, which drew ire from Sinn Fein.

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